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how to play the ultimate poker main goal

Poker’s ultimate poker First thing we would need to start a Texas Poker Holdem match is to have a deck of cards, from which we would remove the jokers, to be left with 52 cards. Poker Objective In the beginning of the hand you will be given two cards by the dealer. These 2 cards

The betting process

BLINDS Blinds are mandatory bets to be made at the beginning of each hand.  There are two types of blinds, namely the Small Blind and the Big Blind.   Small Blind – mandatory bet made by first player on the left of the dealer. Big Blind – by the second player, right after the player

How to play Pre-Flop

The pre-flop is a round of bets that takes place even before any player is able to see the first community card or “Flop”.   This round is started by the player located on the left of the big blind. PRE-FLOP OPTIONS On the Pre-Flop, the players have the option of FOLDING, in which case

How to play the Flop

WHAT IS THE FLOP We are now in the second betting round which is called the Flop. It means that so far all players have either paid the big blind or paid any raise made by any player during the previous betting round, called the Pre-Flop. At this stage, the dealer will place the first

Importance of position at table

Your position on the poker table is of great importance and it could be an advantage against other players. All seats on a poker table are defined taking as starting point the position of the “dealer”. The player to start a game is that on the dealer’s left (small blind), followed by the one on